my goal is...


... to teach methods that help open, balance and harmonize the physical, emotional, and energy bodies. teach a robust style of practice that can be incorporated in to daily life. increase your ability to carry quietness, and awareness through your daily life, decreasing effort and increasing spontaneity.


Married (26 years), father of 4, full time business executive, chi kung teacher and practitioner, living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I teach chi kung and nei kung to groups and individuals, primarily on weekends here in Santa Fe.

I have actively taught students in Santa Fe for three years. I have been studying and practicing chi kung and nei kung in the Healing Tao tradition for over 10 years. My principal Healing Tao teachers have been Michael Winn (Asheville, NC) and Jampa Stewart (Crestone, CO). (see links: If you have a chance take a course with them you’ll love the experience)

I deeply believe that vigorously integrating chi kung and nei kung in to daily life makes for a robust practice. The quiet and centeredness made possible by the Healing Tao practices has improved my health, my happiness, and my work as an executive.

Side of the Mesa:

Where we live outside of Santa Fe. The vast Glorieta Mesa above and little Glorieta Creek below.